About Crimson Title Services

Your Partner in Premier Title Services

Crimson Title Services is your partner in real estate title services. We work with realtors, builders, lenders, and borrowers in Utah to provide a wide range of title services, including title insurance, escrow, loan origination and modification, refinancing, land acquisition and much more. To learn more about the range of title services provided by Crimson Title Service, click here to read more

Our Team

Dave Smith




David started working for Equity Title as sales manager in November of 2001.  He was hired to grow the business, maintain existing customers and establish new working banking relationships.  He was then promoted to Commercial Sales Manager in 2003.  He took on the responsibility for helping grow Equity Title’s Commercial Division for the State of Utah and was responsible for establishing new commercial customers, maintained existing customers and  continued to service their banking relationships.  In 2005, David was promoted to Senior Vice President over the northern sales territory and southern Utah for Equity Title.  While Senior Vice President, he was responsible for growing their sales team, training, obtaining commercial/Residential business, opening new offices and making sure that banking relationships continued to grow.  
In 2011, David started working for Backman Title Services as Commercial/Residential Sales Manager.  His responsibilities included growing new business and establishing new working relationships with builders/developers.  In 2012, North American Title hired him to be the Sales Manager over the State of Utah where he was in charge of growing their sales team, opening new offices, recruiting escrow and title officers, maintaining banking relationships and training new employees.  In 2017, Backman Title Services hired David back as their Executive Relations Officer and  eventually he became a shareholder in the company.  He was now responsible for helping grow the company, business, recruit new employees, run the Farmington branch and maintain banking relationships.  
In 2021, Doma Title hired him to be Managing Director for the State of Utah.  He was in charge of hiring employees, training, resolving problems on transactions, maintaining customer relationships and running the company in Utah.  On July 27, 2023 David became the Owner/President of Crimson Title Services which is based out of Bountiful, Utah. 

Steven Troop

Vice President



Steve, a native of Bountiful, Utah, has cultivated a career deeply rooted in integrity, professionalism, and a commitment to excellence. His journey began at Viewmont High School, where he graduated in 1995 before embarking on a career path that would shape his expertise in the real estate industry. Early in his career, Steve found himself at Backman Stewart Title, where he started as a copy puller/file clerk. His dedication and work ethic soon became evident, propelling him forward even as he took a hiatus to serve a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Upon his return, Steve resumed his role at Backman Stewart, but his ambition and drive led him to new heights. He obtained his Escrow Producers License and transitioned to Millcreek Land Title, where he excelled as an Escrow Officer before assuming the responsibilities of managing the company’s day-to-day operations. 

Throughout his career, Steve has collaborated with a diverse range of professionals in the real estate industry, facilitating transactions spanning from single-family homes to multimillion-dollar properties. His unique ability to navigate complex negotiations and find equitable solutions for all parties involved sets him apart in the field. 

Beyond his professional achievements, Steve finds fulfillment in his personal life as well. He is happily married to Karie (Hoffman), a Registered Nurse, and together, they cherish the joys and challenges of raising their four children.
Steve’s unwavering dedication to his craft, coupled with his genuine concern for his clients’ needs, underscores his reputation as a trusted and respected figure in the real estate community. Whether guiding clients through intricate transactions or advocating for their best interests, Steve remains steadfast in his commitment to delivering unparalleled service and results.

Crimson Title’s Pledge to our Customers


Crimson Title employees are preeminent title insurance professionals that are knowledgeable, professional and understand the title insurance industry. With over 40+ years of experience, let us become a resource to you for all your title needs.

Turnaround Time

Crimson Title will deliver a preliminary title report on residential transactions within two to three business days of when the order was received. Turnaround time for commercial transactions will be four to five business days from when the order is obtained. Crimson Title will contact you if the preliminary title report requires additional time to complete.


Crimson Title will perform closings for you during regular business hours. Not all closings can be scheduled during this time. When necessary, Crimson Title will perform off-site closings and after hour closings if scheduled in advance.

Efficient Response

Crimson Title will return your calls within 90 minutes, of when it was received, during business hours. All calls received after hours will be returned the following morning of the next business day.